Lathitha' Chillies is a farming company that deals with the agro-processing of chillies. It is a newly formed company operating in the field of agriculture as we believe that agriculture is one way to combat poverty thus moving the country forward.




Our vision is to provide food to the masses in our country. We strive to be one of the leading chillies and agro-processing companies that provide excellent products that are both healthy and add taste to the food that we eat.


We are also looking to expand into other varieties of chillies and herbs. We aim at becoming an educational hub with regards to the benefits of chillies.


We see ourselves being a supplier of both raw and processed chillies for huge retails thus giving back to the community by adding value to the growing economy of the country.




Our mission is to bring satisfaction to our customers by providing them with good quality produce. We also aim at building lasting and profitable relationships with our clients thus increasing our clientele.




We offer the following products:


  • Pickled, hot, extra hot and mild chillies
  • Different flavors such as basil, parsley and garlic